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Managing the Medicare Maze

Whether you're new to Medicare or considering switching plans, we have answers.

A B C D's of MedicareA B C D's of Medicare Soundpath Health

Learn about what you can expect next, including the key steps you'll take as you approach Medicare eligibility.

Choosing the Right PlanChoosing the Right Plan Soundpath Health

Unsure whether Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage is right for you? Let our video help you decide.

Soundpath Health is Here to Help

So you're turning 65 and it's time to enroll in Medicare, a new and potentially confusing form of health coverage you may know nothing about. Sound overwhelming? It doesn't have to be. You just need the right partner.

Soundpath Health offers simple, affordable and local care to its members in Washington State. Because our company is owned by doctors, you can count on receiving a more personal, one-on-one style of care.



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